50L pail/can paint filling machine

50L pail/can paint filling machine is suitable to fill paint into the pail and can.

Brand: : GLZON
Model: : GFM-60

50L pail/can paint filling machine introduction:

Really stone paint filler known as semi-automatic liquid filling machine, mainly by weighing filling system, frame, stainless steel roller, gland system, pneumatic control and electric control system composition, so as to realize artificial barrels - with automatic filling - put cover - automatic gland - finished product storage.
Is mainly used in the tin bucket, plastic rock really stone paint, latex paint, paint, mortar, putty and other automatic quantitative filling of liquid thickens, can also be applied to food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries automatic filling of liquid class material.Example: lubricating oil, edible oil, alcohol, disinfectants, printing ink, chemical paint, coating, etc.

50L pail/can paint filling machine features: 

1 the system USES the overseas advanced technology, production of weighing type filling machine, high measuring accuracy, not affected by material.

2 by the fast and slow of charging valve, both can improve the filling speed and can improve the filling accuracy.

3 wide measuring range, can be adjusted within 10-100 kg.

4 drip tight device for the filling head, fill out really stone paint, latex paint, no air bubbles, cans effect is good.

5 automatic control of material feeding, equipped with pneumatic clamp cover and pneumatic pressure plate device, filling volume * we can store more than 10 kinds of formula, easy to switch.

50L pail/can paint filling machine works:

Continuous stable feeding way: requirements for material (in transporting pump or hopper pressure feed)

Feed mechanism by electromagnetic valve by cylinder respectively perform rapid and slow feeding.

Filling way: ordinary regular filling and lifting submersible filling (choose according to need to order)

Weighing system by weighting stents, sensors, weighing platform, unpowered roller, frame support, filling system control.

Pneumatic control system: fast and slow feeding valve.

Filling nozzle height can be adjusted through at the top of the handwheel.

Special note: in the process of using the weighing platform does not allow the additional external force.



50L pail/can paint filling machine technical parameters:

Weighing scale

Weighing scope


tankBucket specification

Barrel Dimensin

400 x 600 diameter (mm)


Dividing the value

division value


The power supply

power supply

AC220±10% 50HZ

The accuracy level

class of accuracy

X (0.5)


Air supply

air source


The filling speed

Filling speed

6-10 cans/min


Installation dimensions

Outlook size



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