All SS304 stainless steel 208L lubricant oil drum filler

All SUS304 208L drum filler applicant to oil, aditivities.

Brand: : GLZON
Model: : GFM-200

All SS304 stainless steel 208L lubricant oil drum filler

Applicant to: solvent or liquid with corrosivity, or liquid for drinking like honey, juice into 200L drum filling machine.

Drum filler applicability:

The machine is suitable for products from low to high viscosity, can be used in the filling capacity from 50 l to 200 l, accuracy is one over one thousand

(depending on the specifications of the steel drum, the product properties and feed pressure);Machine sealing and explosion-proof, with VAT automatically open, automatically, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic output functions, such as selection of nitrogen charging device and convulsions device. Double spear, double material can meet the two kinds of material is not pollution to each other.

Drum filler Technical parameters:

1. The machine type: lkam GZM - 200;

2. The biggest weighing;300 kg;

3. The dividing value: 100 g;

幸运3D4. The filling speed: 20-40 barrels/hours (depending on the specifications of the steel drum, product properties and feed pressure);

5. Canned precision: X (0.5) (0.2%);

6. Filling way: head/liquid level;

7. Voltage: 380 v, 3 p, 50/60 hz (customer specified)

8. Filling head number: 2

Drum filler includes:

- # SS304 stainless steel is completely sealed metal filling head integrated automatic open and two sets of gland system.

- filling at the bottom of the head with a pneumatic feeding spoon, avoid after filling, the liquid will drip into iron drum and transmission line;

- manual/peel/gross weight filling. Add filling automatic fast and slow;

- SS304 stainless steel metal hose connector, convenient operation and maintenance.

- automatic liquid/liquid surface filling, automatic filling head into the barrel with reset function

- the tories more weighing sensors and instrumentation systems;

- the weight of weighing platform, with sensors and overload protection system;

幸运3D- with product contact part of all is the SS304 stainless steel and PTFE seal;

幸运3D- after power, filling head by integrity the spring automatically shut down, prevent product dripping

- after filling, the filling head automatic reset and safety interlock systems

- the machine explosion protection system, the standard for Exp DIIBT4

Control system include:

The Siemens PLC/Omron control system;

- with the switch on/off, stop button, etc

- filling difference or no material automatic alarm system

Optional item:

- PLC and DCS communication and synchronous control;

- before and after explosion power transmission line;

- nitrogen charging device

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