Full automatic 200kg oil drum filling line

Full automatic 200kg oil drum filling lineGFM-A200 l automatic liquid filling machine, uses the barrel filling way under the surface, can be applied to 200 l single barrel filling;Unique design of the

Brand: : GLZON
Model: : GFM-A200

Full automatic 200kg oil drum filling line

GFM-A200 l automatic liquid filling machine, uses the barrel filling way under the surface, can be applied to 200 l single barrel filling;Unique design of the adjustable and spray gun, pneumatic ball valve can not only improve the filling speed, and ensure the filling precision at the same time and you can maximum limit;

To reduce the residual liquid at the perfusion of dripping;The gas-collecting hood can avoid volatile gas emission in the process of filling, effectively protect the operators.Operation, bucket placed bucket conveyor line, automatic stop, automatic counterpart device automatically aim the empty barrel mouth spray;

Gun nozzle directly;Spray gun automatic falling into the barrel mouth, bucket automatic peeling, then accurately two-speed filling;End of the filling, automatic spray gun to barrel, into the bucket conveyor line, to the screw cap, conveyor stops, manual put cover, to spin down

The lid of the machine screw cap and complete filling.

The main features
Filling way: under liquid surface filling in barrel;
Filling type: gross type weighing way;
The overall structure: high quality carbon steel, electrostatic spraying
Pipeline structure: over-current components for 316 stainless steel, teflon gasket and seal ring;
Air fittings: provide filtering, adjustment, lubrication device (triple);
Flow control: double speed control, through the combination control to control the product flow, once the electricity, all valves close;
Drip tight connect a liquid box: stainless steel manufacturing;
Lance lifting control: spray gun position is controlled by a proximity switch, spray gun rise speed adjustable;
Filling machine parameters
Filling capacity: 300 kg/barrel;
Filling accuracy: 0.2%;
Rated speed: 60 barrels (200 l)/hr (related to material viscosity, speed);
Weighing device: the biggest weighing 300 kg, dividing the value of d: 100 g;
Basic conditions: the level of solid concrete floor, concrete thickness should be greater than 15 cm.
Temperature range: - 10 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃.
Relative humidity: < 95% (no condensation).
Electricity source, the power supply of 220 v, 50 hz, 1.0 kw.
Work air: air pressure 0.5 MPa + / - 0.1 MPa, gas consumption: 10 m3 / h.
Material interface: (PN1.6 MPa (HG20592-97), according to the user interface standards.
Material inlet pressure: (0.2 ~ 0.6 MPa (and sexual).
幸运3DAir interface: users with G1/2 internal thread, used for quick joint connection.

The main features
- can also be used to because of toxic gas or air bubbles devices such as the difficulty increases.
- use the environment: 1 (environment) in hazardous areas.
- nozzle from top to bottom and move around easily
- it can display 100 kinds of SET the setting and setting of the coding (SET POINT).
- date and time when the power is, the cumulative information preservation function.
- can be connected parallel, serial printer (option).
- high speed, high precision when using 3 section of the control valve.(general: 2 period of control)
- use leakage protection device can prevent the external pollution
Scope of application
- water-based paint, oil paint, lubricants, phenol, acetone, cooking oil, thinner, or various, Explosive chemicals

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